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Battersea Class of 2020 Project

The Battersea Class of 2020 project is an exciting collaboration between Caius House, Carney's Community, Fast, Future Skills and Providence House. The project has been funded by The Wimbledon Foundation.

The aim of the project is to give year 11 students a chance to celebrate to end of key stage 4. They have missed out on so many things due to Covid-19 and the Lockdown.

As Battersea organisations we would like to provide the young people with a real chance to shine - this will take the form of workshops, activities and the creation of a digital yearbook!

Activities include:

  1. Adding your name to the 'Battersea Class of 2020' T-shirt

  2. Submitting artwork, poetry, stories, songs for inclusion in the yearbook

  3. Boxing camp/football competitions

  4. Creating the 'Battersea Class of 2020' theme song

  5. Prom photoshoots and t-shirt/mask printing

  6. Skills development and advice workshops

(all activities are subject to change - depending on government guidance and numbers are limited)

If you are a year 11 student or you know if a year 11 student get in contact with us: DM on insta @youthbattersea or any of the organisations involved for more information.

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