Youth Entertainment Showcase (Y.E.S.)
The Show Must Go On

We hope that you managed to join us on 7th April for the Y.E.S. project.  If you didn't manage to tune in or if you would like to listen again to the brilliant tracks click the listen again button.

Check out the Making of Y.E.S. Project to find out more about all the people and organisations involved in the production of the show and meet the Y.E.S. Committee.

The YES Project Instagram challenge –  Win airpods!

If you are aged 11-25 for a chance to win a pair of airpods please send us your videos – include your most inspirational message to encourage people at this time or your best dance moves to De.V/zions ‘Keep Moving Forward’ which you can find at simply post your video and Hashtags: 



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Dance Tutorial with

Kabuki Johnson

Vocal Training Tutorial with
Sian Kelly

Vocal workshop:  you will need a glass and a straw. Have a go. If you would like to learn to sing, songwrite, rap during lockdown please get in touch via instagram

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