Youth Entertainment Showcase (Y.E.S.)
The Show Must Go On

We hope that you managed to join us on 7th April for the Y.E.S. project.  If you didn't manage to tune in or if you would like to listen again to the brilliant tracks click the listen again button.

Check out the Making of Y.E.S. Project to find out more about all the people and organisations involved in the production of the show and meet the Y.E.S. Committee.

The YES Project Instagram challenge –  Win airpods!

If you are aged 11-25 for a chance to win a pair of airpods please send us your videos – include your most inspirational message to encourage people at this time or your best dance moves to De.V/zions ‘Keep Moving Forward’ which you can find at simply post your video and Hashtags: 



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Radio Show Features


    Remel London is an award winning TV & Radio presenter and online video blogger. Since graduating with a BA Degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Leeds in 2010, Remel has landed her own weekend show CAPITAL XTRA as well as the lead presenter slot on SKY 1’s What’s Up TV.

    Remel has previously presented Link Up TV, ILUVLIVE, Channel AKA and regular slots on BBC Radio 1Xtra.

    As a blogger, Remel and has gained over 13,000 followers on twitter, as well as over 3 million views combined across several YouTube channels.

    In 2015 Remel London was chosen to be an official ambassador of the Rocking Ur Teens National Youth Organisation and aspires to influence young women in the UK.

  • De.V/ZION

    Christian artist from Wandsworth, has been working on a community focused music album since November 2019 with artists connected to the area. He calls it ViZION. In light of recent events with Covid-19 infections and lockdown measures being enforced globally, the team decided to release one of the 14 songs on the album which they hope will motivate and encourage the people of Wandsworth during this uncertain period. This song titled Keep Moving Forward (Phillipians 3:13), was produced by Ginka TMP, and features De.V/ZION, Tsepiso and Jahmoves.

    Check out the video here:

    Pre-order on iTunes


    Roshane Young is a multi-genre artist from South London. The young talented genius is a British singer, songwriter & producer who is making a name for himself in the U.K with his unique and melodic sounds, fusing Afrobeats and Rap. Following his debut Single ‘Sinning’ in 2019, which Got 30,000+ streams the rising superstar, who also debuted a teaser style project early May of 2019 last year titled ‘Ching’ which accumulated over 50,000+ streams.


    With Roshane’s latest release in January 2020 titled ‘Lied On Me’ that speaks about his late 2019 struggles that is now reaching over 90,000+ streams combined with YouTube. Anticipated release is geared up for May 2020. Follow Roshane Young on his journey to a bright future.


    Age: 16 
    Talent: singing
    I have been performing in school musicals concerts since primary. I have been in shows such as little shop of horrors and high school musical. I have almost finished my first year at the Brit school where is study music. In the future I hope to perform in more showcases and concerts (like this one) and to peruse a career in the music industry.


    Aminita Francis is an Actress theatre maker and vocal artist from London, Her Musicality and live looping skills have been honed in at BACs beatbox academy and her work has taken her from Battersea to Brazil. Aminita is thankful to have been involved with leading young people on YES  as its youth projects like these that nurtured her career in the first place. 
    She's currently between world tour dates with the smash hit theatre show that she Co wrote with BAC, Frankenstein How To Make Monster a beatbox Reimagining of the 200 year old novel.


    Age: 15

    Talent: Singing

    Musical performances: Paulette in Legally Blond, Matilda, Bugsy Malone, Sister Act, Billy Elliott and Guys and Dolls

    Member of Gospel on the Rise Choir led by Karen Gibson

    Performed in School Christmas Concert

    2 year winner of primary school singing talent contest

    Tap Dancer:

    Performances: Cinderella and Alice in Wonderland  at the Wimbledon Theatre

    My Dream:  To get into the Brit School which will help to enhance me vocally and push me further in the performing arts world


    My name is Phil Boamah also known as DeAndré an R&B singer from South London. The name “DeAndré” came from a freestyle, I was in the process of writing a song and I was trying to get some ideas and I started singing and rapping random words and DeAndré was formed.

    I’ve been singing all my life but I took it seriously when I was 15. I began training myself vocally by doing many warmups, vocal techniques and even cardio singing which is jogging and singing at the same time. I’m also a songwriter and I write my songs in many different genres such as R&B, Soul, Gospel, Hip-Hop, Pop and Afro.

    My biggest inspirations are Beyoncé and Stevie Wonder. I am also influenced by Michael Jackson, Keith Sweat, Destiny’s Child, Tamela Mann, Jonathan McReynolds and so many more.

    My Instagram is @deandre.kb
    My end goal is to be an inspiration and to empower men And young black teenagers so they will feel confident so speak up about what they go through and feel good about expressing their emotions.


    Malachi Alfred Leckey
    Age 21
    Talent Rap and Beatbox
    With a variety of experience in the UK and across Europe. Writing gritty, real lyrics with an inspiring thought provoking message.


    @lucidtwins 🐅🐅


    Age 13
    Talent Singing
    Ruby has performed with the London Youth Choir and Chorale Choir including at the Royal Opera House. She wants to pursue musical theatre as she enjoys singing and acting.


    I have grown up in London but moved around a lot as I was growing up,I am 15 years old but I am turning 16 in 4 months so not long. I love to sing and it is one of my main talents, I grew up singing from very young and actually taught myself without any help my main inspirations are Amy winehouse and Leona Lewis I used to listen to them as I was growing up, my favourite song from Amy is “rehab” and my favourite from Leona is “bleeding love”. I wish that in the future I could go somewhere with my voice and maybe be able to sing with actual singers. At the moment I am involved in a project called the yes project I am one of the main singers and it is actually much more difficult then I thought the amount of effort you have to put in is so crazy, but whilst I find it difficult it is so fun and the amount of new things I have learnt along with new friends, I love it so much. I hope that the yes project goes as well as it already is and I want to say a big thank you to everyone involved and for welcoming me so much.


    Age: 16
    Talent: singing 
    Performance experience: bugsy malone - lena marelli, hairspray - seaweed, beauty and the beast - belle, little shop of horrors - the plant, we will rock you - killer queen, performed at royal festival hall, performed at mulitple open mic nights and school concerts
    Dream: to improve my skills in singing and perform in the West End doing musical theatre


    I am a 19 year old singer/songwriter from South London. I write and perform in the genre of Rnb and Soul. But love to sing any genre of music. 

    From relief of stress, to freedom, for inspiration and motivation. Music has always been my go to. I’ve been singing since the age of 5, from going to different performing arts classes and schools to just singing for in front of my class and family. I only started taking it seriously 2 years ago, when I realised I want to write, make and sell music that makes people feel the way I do when I hear it. 

    My inspirations are artists like; Amy Winehouse, Adele and Lauryn Hill as they all have distinctive vocals. 

    My dream is create music that stands out to very audience worldwide. Music that inspires everyone in the manner some songs inspire me in every way possible.


    Age 16
    Talent Rap
    Noah is a talented rapper writing about relevant youth issues. He has experience performing at local events and festivals and is keen to broaden his platforms and skills.


    I go by Jahmoves and I’ve been writing from secondary school days, I’ve taken part in this show because I believe that this a great opportunity to really open up peoples minds and views on life.


    Age 13
    Talent singing / song writing
    Abigia is developing her skills and experience in singing. The YES project has been her first public experience of singing and she has grown in confidence and skill. Her songwriting is still at its beginning but there is definitely a lot more to come.


    I go by the name of Dee I’ve been properly doing music since I was 15, I studied all aspects, making beats, songwriting then got creative and started rapping and singing.
    Music is my way of expressing myself as I find it hard opening up, 
    majority of my songs that I write are about things I’ve been through or where I strive to be,
    Future plans - I am in a constant battle of whether I want to be a footballer or be a musician, but I’m just planning to take any opportunities that come my way, and hope to be known for what I’m good at and no longer another statistic

Video Tutorials

Dance Tutorial with

Kabuki Johnson

Vocal Training Tutorial with
Sian Kelly

Vocal workshop:  you will need a glass and a straw. Have a go. If you would like to learn to sing, songwrite, rap during lockdown please get in touch via instagram

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